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About me

Karolina Szymala Yoga and Breathwork Teacher Sydney

Karolina‘s teaching journey began in 2010 when she graduated from the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training facilitated by the founders of the method: Sharon Gannon and David Life in Rhinebeck, New York.  In 2012 she became an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher thanks to the guidance of her mentor Narayani ( Nicole Nichols).

After moving to Sydney in 2012 she joined forces with Jivamukti Yoga Sydney in Newtown and over the years has become an essential part of the studio’s teaching faculty. While teaching there, she has dedicated her time to serve as a mentor to newly certified Jivamukti yoga teachers, helping them to grow and become more skilled in sharing the method.

In the late 2018 she left the school in pursue of her own growth and independent journey as a yoga teacher. 

She is now teaching numerous classes and workshops in Sydney, running her yoga retreats and continues to serve as a mentor, running group and “one on one” mentoring programs for newly certified yoga teachers.

As a part of her ongoing continuing education, Karolina has been practising and apprenticing with her Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Eileen Hall from Ashtanga Yoga Moves in Sydney since 2017. To balance her yang, she also practices and teaches yin yoga.

In 2018 Karolina co – founded Wholeness & Co. – a company dedicated to cultivating a positive change and supporting individuals in their work environments through holistic approach to yoga and mindfulness.