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Mentoring programs for newly certified yoga teachers

Karolina Szymala Yoga and Breathwork Teacher Sydney

OM Sahanau Vavatu
Sahanau Bhunaktu
Saha Viryam Karavavahai
Tejasvi Navaditamastu
Ma Vidvishavahai
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

Accept us both together
Protect us both together
May our knowledge and strength increase
May we not resent each other
Om Peace Peace Peace

This mentoring program is designed in 2 modules to hold safe and encouraging space for newly certified yoga teachers. Space within which new teachers are able to discover and step into their confidence, find their authentic voice, and fully embody the essence and responsibilities of walking the path of teaching yoga.

The 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training can leave us feeling overwhelmed and not exactly knowing how and where to continue the next part of the journey.

There often is a feeling of not having a clear vision and direction in teaching, a feeling of being stuck, or simply not really knowing how to put together and teach a well designed yoga class.

If this sounds familiar and you can relate to these words, then this mentoring program is definitely for you.

I have specifically designed it to bring about clear guidance, and help you to become a strong and authentic teacher.

Designed for newly certified yoga teachers


This specific offering is open to 2 newly certified teachers who can’t commit to a full mentoring program with me, but would love to have an experience of just one mentoring session with me. 

This 2 hrs offering will focus specifically on what your needs are at that given time ( sequencing, space holding, theming, etc…)


Module 1 "Evolve"
7 week group mentoring program
Designed for newly certified yoga teachers


The program includes:
– Two “one on one” sessions; one at the beginning of the course and one at the end.
– 3 2hrs group sessions 
– 2 3hrs practical group sessions
– Sundays 12.30 – 2.30pm 
– Full support over the 7 weeks of the course
– Feedback on weekly assignments

Module 2 "Evolve Deeper"
3 month intensive individual "One on One" mentoring program
This 150hrs, unique apprenticeship program is designed to match your individual needs to help you gather new skills and become a strong and authentic teacher.

Three months, 150hrs intensive
2 Spaces open in June 2022

The program includes:
– Initial session about setting up your intention and personal goals for the 3 months working together.
– Weekly assisting/teaching assignments in class (approx 13/14 classes) and discussing feedback afterwards.
– Weekly 90 min. session together about all things regarding class planning and holding space.
– Full support over the 3 months of the course

This is what my other graduates say about the program:

” You have passed on to me a gift that will positively affect my life in whichever journeys  lay ahead of me. In my humble opinion, it takes a very evolved being to pass on teachings in a clear manner, unclouded by biases and human judgements and distractions. What I believed I witnesses through your ability to hold space for our “one on ones” and feedbacks, is your absolute passion and devotion for the creation of future teachers. Your love for what you do flows from a selfless ambition and therefore it works in unique and magical ways. Your mentorship is Yoga” Alex. L

“Karolina generously shared her knowledge and experience enabling me to fast track my teaching skills and confidence. Having the opportunity to get feedback from an experienced teacher on my teaching was invaluable. ” Rhian T.

“After completing my teacher training, I started the mentorship program with Karolina. Through her guidance and teaching, and the invaluable opportunity to assist in her public classes and gain practical teaching experience, I built the confidence I needed to feel like I could teach. Working with Karolina deepened my knowledge and understanding of yogic philosophy, the physical practice, and the skills required to teach. I highly recommend the program and the opportunity to work with Karolina. ” Aboud S.

“As a mentor, Karolina gave me support, structure and a method not just to teach safely, but also to be a facilitator to hold space for others. She is able to see your strengths and guide you at your own pace to gain confidence in order to share your uniqueness and individual style as a teacher” Fran. G

Kind words

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Evolve Module 1

Mentoring program for newly certified yoga teachers.

Evolve Deeper Module 2

This apprenticeship program is designed to bring about clear guidance, gather new skills and help you to become a strong and authentic teacher.