Practices for strength and resilience

This online library is a practical memoir of what all of us, all over the world, went through collectively since March 2020 until now.

It was in that time that I started offering my weekly zoom classes as a way to provide support and anchoring for those who needed it during such unfamiliar and unprecedented times. We met via the screen 5 times a week to check on each other, to practice and to hold space for one another as we navigated through the storms of uncertainty and challenge.

This collection of classes came to life organically, and presents within itself beautiful and raw teachings that everyone can benefit from regardless of circumstances or phase in the life they might be going through.

Each recording is raw, giving you the experience of being in the class, as it starts with a dharma talk (a short spiritual teaching) and is followed by the asana practice.

My wish is that those recordings serve you in the best possible way, anchoring you and filling you with hope, gently reminding you of your own unlimited potential and strength that you hold within.